You can rely on 24/7 Plumbing and Heating to guide you through every step of your project. We take pride in providing our customers with expert advice throughout all construction phases. And although we think modern, our team is traditionally trained and is dedicated to high-quality workmanship using the latest techniques.

Our wide range of services

24/7 Plumbing & Heating delivers a wide range of services related to construction and renovation. We list just a selection here. You can call us on +01753 670197 or 07470802498+01753 670197 or 07470802498 or use our simple contact form to find out more.


Fit/Replace kitchen sink           £150+parts

Fit/Replace kitchen taps           £100+parts

Fit/Replace waste kit                 £30+parts

Washer mashine installation   £60+parts

Dish washer installation            £120+parts

Outside tap                                   £60+parts

Replace Stop cock(main valve) £60+parts

Unblock sink                                 £80+parts


Fit/Replace basin                  £100+parts

Fit/Replace taps                    £60+parts

Fit/Replace waste kit            £50+parts

Fit/Replace vinity Basin      £150+parts

Unblock basin                        £80+parts


Fit/Replace bath                     £250+parts

Fit/Replace taps                      £100+parts

Fit/Replace waste kit              £50+parts

Fit/Replace shower rail          £40+parts

Fit/Reolace shower screen     £120+parts

Fit/Replace shower tray          £150+parts

Fit/Replace electrical shower £150+parts

Unblock bath                              £80+parts


Fit/Replace toilet                         £100+parts

Fit/Replace pan connector        £40+parts

Fit/Replace syphone                   £60+parts

Fit/Replace servicing valve        £40+parts

Fit/Replace toilet Seat                 £30+parts

Fit/Replace toilet cabinet           £180+parts

Fit/Replace exposed cistern       £50+parts

Fit/Replace concealed cistern    £80+parts

Unblock toilet                                 £80+parts


Fit/Replace radiator(drain heating system-fill up & bleed radiator)               £80+parts

Fit/Replace towel radiator(drain heating system-fill up & bleed radiator)    £80+parts

Fit/Replace radiator valve(TRV)                                                                              £50+parts

Re-pressuring heating system                                                                                   £40

Balance heating system                                                                                               £150


General Plumbing

OFit/Replace Bathroom suit                                                                 £450+parts

Fit/Replace Soil stack                                                                          £450+parts

Fit/Replace waste pipe                                                                         £100+parts

Fit/Replace pipe  (plastic, copper)                                                    £60 per hour

Emergency Call out                                                                               £80/£120(out of hours)

Undefloor heating about 80m2                                                           £1000+parts

Tilling                                                                                                        £50per m2

Boiler replacing                                                                                        £600

Powerflush sytstem(up to 10 radiators)                                             £400

Picture gallery: just a few of the services that we provide